Why do you provide a free service? Are you selling my information?

We provide a free service to build the community. The more restaurants and bars leaving feedback on customers, the better for everybody. We also think that you will love the free service and it may tempt you into signing up for some of the premium parts of QBooking.
We do not believe in advertising, or selling your data or your customers data, and will never do it.

How Do you Help Minimise No-Shows?

We know from experience that if a customer does not show up for a booking, it can cost the operator time and money. Seeing the good in people, we believe this is mainly due to customers forgetting to cancel the booking when plans change, so we provide reminders in the form of text messages, and entries in their calendar, in addition to an email link which provides the facility to amend or cancel bookings.

Do You Have An API?

Yes. Get in touch to request credentials for your application

Why Dont You Have Table Plans Like Other Systems?

We have used other systems, and find that table plans ad an unnecessary level of complexity to the process, and could turn down bookings when all that was needed was to move a table around.
QBooking is rule based, which we think is much better, and easier to operate. I booking system is only as good at the information you feed it, and a complex system requireing lots of data input can lead to trouble if it is not maintained properly.
It is easy to define the rules of each service, setting criteria like the maximum table size, time slots, and maximum guests per service.

Why Do You Call In A Community?

We want people to share information, so that we can all make informed decisions. If somebody who reserves a table is the CEO of a local firm, or has a love of Italian red wine, it enhances your service to know this. Conversely, if a customer has caused trouble or is a seriel complainer looking for a discount, it would also be good to know. Your customers will be reviewing you and using this information will be used by others to make purchasing decisions. Qbooking provides the same information on guests for venues to make decisions.

What Does The Customer See As The Sender Of The Text Messages?

The customer will receive a message from "Your Reservation".

Can Customers Edit Their Own Booking?

Yes, within limits and the rules you set. We believe it is beneficial to let the customer manage their booking, and not take up the precious time of your staff with telephone calls

How Long Have You Been Doing This?

We have been providing online bookings for 8 years, but QBookings is our newest product, and builds on all the expertise we have amassed over the years.