A Beautiful, Free Reservation System

QBooking is a powerful, easy to use free booking system for restaurants and bars, allowing you to review customers and share this with the community.

The entire system runs in the cloud, and is perfect or iPads, Android Tablets, iPhones, windows desktops and anything else with an internet connection and screen Our free reservation system can be integrated into your website within minutes, and it's clean adaptive interface will not ruin the look of your site with angular boxes and dated calendars
It is free to use, though we charge for some of the premium services
Let Qbooking help you avoid the cost of no-shows and missed reservations with text message reminders and generate repeat business with our opt-in mailing lists
Qbooking also lets guests adjust some of the details of their reervation, freeing up your telephone and time for other tasks.

Free Restaurant Booking & Reservation System


SMS reminders
Stripe deposit payments


All of your reservations and customer data is available anywhere you have an internet connection, on any device. Whether you are using a iPad or tablet at the front desk, a android phone while out and about, or from a windows desktop in the office, you can take or amend bookings, contact customers, or send out mailing lists.


Our intuitive interface allows anybody to administer bookings easily with minimal or no training.
Even complex tasks like applying rules to particular services can be achieved with ease, even on small smartphone screens


Our free reservation system allows you to share comments about customers with the community. The next time they book, the venue will be better informed as to what to expect from the guest.
Social Networks can be added to your profile to encourage followers and likes at the end of the guests reservation process.